Introducing PilPouch

What is PilPouch?

We have launched a brand new dispensing device designed to replace blister packs. PilPouch is a pouch-based system containing medication in labelled bags. It’s an excellent way to keep track of monitored dosage medication, with multiple medications accessed easily and freely from the box, and a pouch numbering system to help patients with dementia.


PilPouch is a simple and convenient way of administering medication and helps the patient to know exactly which medication needs to be taken and when. The pouches are small enough to be kept in a purse or pocket, and the popularity of the product is continuing to grow across Europe. The product is a discreet, hygienic and flexible alternative to the traditional blister packs, and allows to you transport your medication with you safely wherever you are.


Simple: Pouches containing your medication are clearly labelled with the correct day and time you should take them.


Easy to use: Pouches pull easily from the PilPouch box in the order that you take your medication.


Convenient: Each pouch tears off so you can take doses with you in your pocket or handbag while you are on the go.


Discreet: Small and easy-to-open pouches mean you can take your medication without the need for bulky packs



How it works:

Visit your Rowlands Pharmacy to arrange a discussion about PilPouch.


Once we have your authorisation and receive your prescription, we start the PilPouch process:


  • The pharmacy team send your prescription request to our central PilPouch pharmacy where your unique roll of pouches are created and boxed.
  • PilPouch is assembled to match your prescription needs and returned to your local Rowlands pharmacy.
  • Your completed PilPouch is ready to collect, along with any other non-PilPouch requirements you may have.



Visit your local Rowlands Pharmacy today to learn more. We are happy to demonstrate PilPouch and how it can help you take the correct medication at the correct time.

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