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Care Homes

Rowlands Pharmacy has been providing pharmaceutical services to a variety of care providers for many years

Rowlands Pharmacy is the UK’s longest established chain of local community pharmacies and we have years of experience working in partnership with care homes and have teams of dedicated staff who are committed to helping you maximise the standard of care you deliver in your care setting.

We provide a fully comprehensive dispensing and training service to Care Homes and tailor our services to meet the individual needs of all our customers to ensure you receive the service you demand.


Personal, local service...

There are over 500 Rowlands Pharmacies nationwide, all of which are situated at the heart of their local communities. We pride ourselves on our personal, friendly service and experienced staff who understandyour needs because they are part of your community.


Your pharmacy team...

We provide a dedicated dispensing team at our Care Home Dispensing Unit in your local branch. All branches are able to offer day-to-day pharmaceutical advice and support over the telephone.


Training & Audit...

We provide an extensive range of training courses aimed at both Carers and Nurses, which can be tailored to meet your home's needs. We also offer annual audit visits.


Monitored dosage systems...

We provide excellent support from both local and Head Office levels and are able to offer a full range of weekly and monthly Monitored Dosage Systems as well as traditional boxes and bottles. We provide comprehensive Medication Administration Records (MAR) with both Monthly and acute items.


For more information contact:

  • Lynn Swanson - Care Home Co-ordinator - Tel. 01928 754140
  • James Blundell – Care Home Development Co-ordinator - Tel. 07587 775829
  • Claire Jones - Care Home Quality and Development Manager - Tel. 01928 753 646 or 07717 580764

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