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Upset Stomach & Diarrhoea

Having an upset stomach or diarrhoea is unpleasant and uncomfortable. It can be caused by a number of things, such as a virus, bacteria or parasite, but is usually nothing to worry about.

The condition can be distressing until it passes, but most cases of upset stomachs or diarrhoea clear up after a few days without treatment. However, it can lead to dehydration so you should drink plenty of fluids and if symptoms are severe or persistent, get in touch with your GP.

Don't let an upset stomach or diarrhoea ruin your day. There are a number of over-the-counter remedies and treatments available to help sooth your stomach and stop it sooner, including tablets, capsules and sachets. 

Rowlands Pharmacy stock a wide selection of upset stomach and diarrhoea remedies and treatments, from a range of leading brands including Numark and Imodium. The best-selling Imodium Instants dissolve instantly on your tongue and are fast-acting, helping to stop diarrhoea in under one hour, while the Dioralyte Relief sachets can help to replace fluid and electrolyte loss following a bout of illness.

Browse our range of upset stomach and diarrhoea treatments below and visit the Advice Centre for more information about the condition and useful tips to help prevent it.

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