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We offer a full range of travel vaccinations* and anti-malaria tablets for all destinations. Please note: anti-malaria tablets are not allowed to be prescribed by your doctor on the NHS. This service is a private service and therefore you will need to pay for your treatment.

*Selected branches only.  This service is not available in every Rowlands Pharmacy.



There are 3 simple steps to follow:

Step 1 –

Find out if you need protection by clicking on the image below to our vaccine check tool.  If you do need travel vaccinations or anti-malaria tablets make sure you register.  This will save you having to repeat the process when you go to get you vaccinations in your local pharmacy. 

Country You Are Visiting                                  Price List



Step 2 –

Book an appointment.

Once you have registered you will be given a consultation code. You then need to contact your local Travel Health Clinic to book your appointment using this code.

To find your nearest Rowlands Pharmacy who offer this service please select the country you wish to search below and scroll through the list available.


            England                    Scotland                    Wales

Step 3 –

Your consultation.

When you turn up for your booked appointment the pharmacist will check through your itinerary and complete a full travel risk assessment. 

Based on the pharmacist’s advice you can then choose what you require.  Specially trained pharmacists can vaccinate you there and then if the vaccine stock is available, if not further appointments can be made.  You may be required to return to the pharmacy for further vaccinations if they are on a schedule of more than one dose.


That’s it, now you just need to enjoy your trip!

Don’t panic if you have not managed to register online you can also do this with one of our pharmacy teams when you visit the pharmacy to find out about the service.



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