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Restore your natural rhythm with a range of Senokot tablets and syrups which work to provide relief from frequent constipation.


Containing the active natural ingredient Senna, Senokot works in 8-12 hours to gently relieve non-persistent or occasional constipation with its reliable laxative properties.


Constipation can affect people of all ages on a daily basis and is extremely common; often causing discomfort or even pain among sufferers. However, the cycle of constipation can be successfully broken by Senokot's laxative effects alongside making changes to your diet and lifestyle.


Keeping more hydrated by drinking more liquids and eating more fibre in your diet can work together with Senokot tablets to get you back into a normal routine when going to the bathroom. A 15mg oral Senokot dosage takes control of your digestive health by increasing the activity of the muscles in the gut.


You can take Senokot tablets once a day before bed whilst Senokot Max Strength Tablets and Senokot Dual Relief Tablets may be useful to those with more severe symptoms of constipation.  Senokot Syrup provides predictable relief when taken in 5ml doses until regular bowel movement is restored.


Should you experience any difficulties using Senokot within three days of administration or any Senokot side effects, we recommend consulting your GP. 

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