Period Delay Service


Going on holiday, attending a music festival, have important exams?  Will it coincide with that time of the month? 


Speak to our trained and highly professional Rowlands Pharmacy team to see if you are eligible for treatment to delay your period.


How do I get the period delay tablets?

Visit your local Rowlands Pharmacy, book an appointment in branch, via telephone or via Patient Access for our Period Delay Service. 


During the Appointment, our trained pharmacist will ask you a few questions, in the privacy of the consultation room, to ensure the medication is suitable for you.


Period Delay FAQs

Who is eligible for this service?

If you are 16 years old or over, not pregnant or breast-feeding and not taking any form of contraception, then speak to our pharmacy team to book a consultation with our trained pharmacist.


What medication will I receive?

If deemed suitable, you will be supplied Norethisterone 5mg Tablets.


How should I take the medication and when do I stop them?

You will be advised to take ONE tablet THREE times a day starting three days before expected onset of the period.  The medication should be taken for as long as required, up to a maximum of 14 days, to delay the period until you stop taking them.


When should I expect my period to start, after I stop taking them?

Your period should start within three days of stopping the medication.


Are there any side effects to taking this medication?

Some of the more common side effects may be breakthrough bleeding, spotting, irregular bleeding, breast-tenderness, other side effects may occur but the pharmacist will offer more guidance on this during the consultation.


If you should experience any side effects, you should contact your local Rowlands Pharmacy or GP as soon as possible.


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