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Threadworms are one of the UK's most common infections and are very easily spread – especially among children. However, now you can treat your family with ease at home using Ovex Tablets and Ovex Suspension.


This non-prescription over the counter range of Ovex treatments can be used if you suspect your or your child has threadworms. These are parasitic worms which hatch inside the large intestine and around the anus causing itching, irritation and discomfort. Though unpleasant and often inconvenient due to the nature of symptoms, Ovex treats the cause of threadworms in a single oral dose.


Ovex Tablets: 100mg treatment for a single dose as well as a 100mg treatment for up to four doses should your child or other children become re-infected. These easy to take tablets are orange flavoured and are to be chewed or swallowed whole to kill the threadworms within a few days.


As it is strongly recommended that the whole family be treated at the same time to avoid re-infection, the Ovex Suspension Family Pack is a direct and effective way to tackle the problem of threadworms head on and minimising risk of spread and contamination. This banana flavoured formula is also appealing to kids for parents who find giving medicine to their youngsters difficult.


We always recommend reading instructions on each product before use as instructions can vary from treatment to treatment. 

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