Oral Hygiene

It is important to have good oral hygiene to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Problems that can arise are mouth ulcers, bad breath, oral thrush and dental pain.


If you have any problems with oral hygiene ask our pharmacist for advice.


Our Advice

  • Visit your dentist every six months for a check-up.
  • Change your toothbrush every three months.
  • Brush your teeth morning and night.
  • Chew sugar-free gum after eating.
  • If you use a steroid inhaler (brown preventer), rinse your mouth with water after inhaler use.
  • Avoid sugary snacks in between meals and at bedtime.
  • Ask our pharmacist for the sugar free option when buying a medicine.
  • If you have had a mouth ulcer for longer than two weeks, see our pharamacist.

Products we recommend for this condition are:

  • Ultradex Daily Oral Rinse 500ml
  • Numark Dental Floss 50m
  • Colgate Total Advance Whitening Toothpaste 125ml

Two of the biggest dental health concerns in adults are gum disease and sensitive teeth, with 1 in 3 people having concerns over sensitive teeth and 83% of us showing signs of gum disease.


Gum disease

  • Use mouthwash designed specifally and clinically proven to treat gum disease, following the course advised on pack.
  • Brush twice a day for 2 minutes using toothpaste specifically developed to help with gum problems.
  • Make sure you brush all of your teeth from all angles.
  • Floss regulary

Sensitive teeth

  • Brush twice a day for 2 minutes using toothpaste specially developed to relieve sensitivity.
  • Use a soft or medium bristle toothbrush and avoid excessive or agressive brushing

Products we recommend for this condition are:

  • Sensodyne Repair & Protect Toothpaste 75ml
  • Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Toothpaste 75ml
  • Corsodyl Mint Mouthwash 300ml
  • Corsodyl Daily Cool Mint Alcohol Free Mouthwash 500ml
  • Corsodyl Dental Gel Tube 50g

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