Medicines Check-Up

Do you have any questions or concerns about your medicines?

If so, ask a member of your Rowlands pharmacy team about your FREE medicines check-up.



What is a medicines check-up?

The medicines review is a free NHS service for patients with long term medical conditions. It is an opportunity to discuss your prescribed medicines annually, in private with a pharmacist.

The review is confidential and will take place in a private consultation area where you can sit comfortably and not be overheard.


What can you expect to gain from your medicines check-up?

  • A better understanding of your medicines e.g. what they do and the best way to take them
  • A chance to pick up on any problems you may be having with your medicines.
  • Answers to your queries to help you get the most from your medicines

You will receive a copy of your medicines check-up form confirming the consultation and listing any action points. Your GP may also be notified that the review took place.


What is involved?

Together with your pharmacist you will:

  • Confirm which medicines you are taking
  • Find out more about the medicines you are taking and why you are taking them
  • Talk about any problems including side effects you experience taking your medicines
  • Find out the best way to take your medicines so they work effectively

Your pharmacist is here to listen, help and to answer any queries or concerns that you have about taking your medicines.


What do I need to bring with me?

  • You will get the most out of your check up if you bring all your medicines (including inhalers and creams) or a list of them
  • Don’t forget anything you may buy ‘over the counter’ or at the health food shop, as well as medicines from your doctor

If you have any questions, it may help to write them down before you arrive so that you do not forget.

Who will be eligible for these reviews?


Patients taking multiple prescribed medicines for long term conditions or those with specific high risk conditions are suitable for this service. Please ask a member of your Rowlands pharmacy team for more information.


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