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Soothe your skin with Lamisil anti-fungal skin treatment range which is developed to treat fungal skin problems such as Athlete's Foot, infections of the toenails and fingernails, ringworm and Dhobie itch.


Such conditions can be uncomfortable, unsightly and embarrassing however Lamisil cream, tablets and spray products are formulated to relieve itching and burning to re-hydrate dry, cracked skin and clear up any infection within a week.


Lamisil Gel works to cool irritation when applied to the affected areas. Simply insure the infected skin is clean and dry before lightly rubbing into the skin for best results.


For a quicker, fast-acting solution, why not try Lamisil Once which works much more effectively than Lamisil tablets or spray to clear up Athlete's Foot after just one dose.


Athlete's Foot and ring worm are caused by fungal infections which breed and grow in moist environments and can be extremely contagious. Lamisil allows you to get to the root of the problem fast and efficiently so you can resume your active lifestyle without worry.

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