Indigestion is a pain or discomfort in the stomach usually associated with eating. There is often excess wind present. Indigestion is caused by excess stomach acid which irritates the stomach lining.

If your indigestion has lasted longer than two weeks or you have sudden stomach pains, ask our pharmacist for advice.


Our Advice

  • Avoid large meals: it is better to eat little and often.
  • Avoid lying down immediately after you have eaten.
  • Chew your food properly and do not rush your meal.
  • Avoid spicy and greasy foods as they can worsen indigestion.
  • Some indigestion remedies can stop other medicines from working. Ask in the pharmacy if your tablets are safe with an indigestion remedy.
  • Some tablets can cause indigestion e.g. aspirin and ibuprofen. This can be reduced by taking the tablets with or after food.
  • Anyone whose indigestion passes into their shoulder and down the arm should see their doctor as soon as possible.
  • Smoking and being overweight can worsen indigestion.

Products we recommend for this condition are:

  • Gaviscon Liquid Aniseed 300ml - Has a soothing effect, lasting for up to four hours. And because it doesn't enter the bloodstream it is suitable to use during pregnancy.  Contains sodium alginate, which is derived from seaweed, and is classed as an 'alginate' which means that it forms a 'raft' in the stomach which helps prevents acid coming back up into the food pipe.  It can be used to treat gastric reflux and flatulence caused by gastric reflux.  Suitable for adults and children from 6 years and over.  Please read enclosed leaflet.  For oral use only.  Adults and children over 12 years: take 10-20ml (two to four 5ml spoonfuls) at meals and at bedtime.  Children 6 to 12 years: take 5-10ml (one to two 5ml spoonfuls) after meals and at bedtime.  Consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have an underlying medical condition, are taking any other medication or complementary therapy, or if symptoms persist.  Seek advice before using if you are breast feeding, pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or suffer from allergies.  Keep all medicines out of the reach of children. Contains Sodium Alginate, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate, Calcium Carbonate
  • Gaviscon Double Action Tablets 12s / 24s -  Get dual relief from heartburn and indigestion.  Gets to work instantly and provides long lasting relief.  Unlike Antacids, it works in 2 ways: Forms a raft on top of stomach contents to prevent reflux and neutralises stomach acids for indigestion relief.  Contains 250mg sodium alginate, 106.5mg sodium bicarbonate & 187.5mg calcium carbonate.  For oral use, after being thoroughly chewed.  Suitable for adults and children over 12 years.  Dose 2-4 tablets after meals & at bedtime, up to 4 times a day.  The sodium content of a four-tablet dose is 221.5 mg (9.64 mmol). This should be taken into account when a highly restricted salt diet is recommended, e.g. in some cases of congestive cardiac failure and renal impairment.  Each four-tablet dose contains 300 mg (7.5 mmol) of calcium. Care needs to be taken in treating patients with hypercalcaemia, nephrocalcinosis and recurrent calcium containing renal calculi. This medicinal product contains aspartame (E951), a source of phenylalanine. May be harmful or people with phenylketonuria. This medicine contains Carmoisine lake (E122). This may cause allergic reactions. If symptoms do not improve after seven days, the clinical situation should be reviewed. Treatment of children younger than 12 years of age is not generally recommended, except on medical advice.
  • Pepto-Bismol Liquid 120ml - For fast relief of heartburn, indigestion and an upset stomach.  Adults and children over 16 years only: Shake bottle well before use. For oral use only. Pour 30ml (one dose) into the cup provided and swallow. Repeat the dose every 30-60 minutes if needed. Do not take more than 8 doses in 24 hours. Do not exceed the stated dose or use after the expiry date. Only use as directed, use for longer than 2 days, or in higher doses than recommended has been associated with an increase in side effects. If you have diarrhoea, it is important to prevent or treat dehydration by drinking plenty of fluids or taking oral rehydration products, especailly if you are frail or elderly.  Contains Bismuth Subsalicylate.  Always read the label.  Keep out of reach of children.

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