Head Lice (Nits)

Contrary to their name, head lice, often called "nits", are actually tiny insects that live in human hair. They can be white, grey or brown in colour and can be hard to spot as they live and lay their eggs very close to the scalp where it's warm.

Anyone can catch head lice, regardless of whether your hair is long or short, and clean or dirty. However they're passed by direct head-to-head contact head lice can't jump, swim or fly so children are more likely to catch them and pass them around when playing with friends at nursery or school.

As head lice can be so difficult to see, you may not realise that you or your child has an infestation until the head begins to itch. However the itching is caused by a reaction to the lice, and not everyone is allergic, so regular "detection combing"f or the whole family is a more effective way to find them.

Our Advice 

  • Treatment should only be carried out where a live louse is found.
  • Liquids (water-based treatment) should be used for patients with asthma or sensitive skin.
  • Conditioner should be applied to hair after treatment and hair combed through with a nit comb to remove the eggs.
  • Detection combing should be carried out regularly to ensure lice are detected early.
  • Every member of the family should be checked thoroughly for head lice, not just those believed to be infected.
  • If you require more information, please speak to member of the pharmacy staff.

Products we recommend for this condition are:

  • Full Marks Solution 100ml / 200ml - Kills Head Lice.  Clinically Proven. 10 minute treatment.  Eliminates eggs.  No traditional pesticides.  Quick & easy treatment.  Head lice solution & comb included.  Low odour.  One quarter of this bottle should contain sufficient solution to treat a head lice infection on one head. However, you should apply enough to cover scalp and hair to ensure complete success.  Used according to the instructions.  Unlike traditional head lice treatments which poison the lice, Full Marks Solution has a physical action on the lice causing them to dehydrate (lose water) and die, they can then be removed along with any eggs using the comb provided.  3 simple steps to kill head lice and eliminate eggs.  Adults and children aged 2 years and above.  Step 1; Comb through dry hair with a normal comb to remove any tangles, Shake the bottle, Apply the solution to the dry hair and massage in, ensuring that the entire scalp and all the hair are coated with the solution. Leave on the hair for 10 minutes. Step 2;  After 10 minutes you can comb through the hair using the special comb provided, to remove dead lice and any eggs.  Step 3; Repeat above steps on days 7 and/or 14 as required.  Please read the enclosed instruction leaflet carefully.  For external use only.  There are no special precautions required when using this product.  However, if you experience any sensitivity discontinue use, and tell your doctor or pharmacist.  If the head lice solution comes into contact with the skin or the eyes, it can be washed away with warm water.  This product is an oily liquid, care should be taken when applying the product, since it might make hard surfaces such as floors or baths slippery. Protect clothing and upholstery with a towel as this product can stain fabrics.  This treatment is not a water based shampoo. Keep hair away from any naked flame or heat source, and do not smoke whilst using this product.  Store at room temperature. Keep bottle in carton and away from direct sunlight. Do not use after the expiry date printed on the label and carton.
  • Hedrin Treat & Go Spray 60ml - Hedrin Treat & Go Spray is a fuss-free head lice treatment solution, ideal for children who just want to get out and play.  Quick to apply.  Easy to wash out.  Skin friendly.  Hedrin Treat & Go Spray is the quick and easy way to rid you child's hair of head lice and their eggs. With light, a no-fuss formulation, Hedrin Treat & Go Spray is easily applied, quickly eradicating head lice.  Usage:  Shake the bottle well before use and ensure shoulders are covered with a towel. Holding the spray approximately 10cm from the hair carefully spray sufficient solution evenly over dry hair, so that the scalp and hair are fully covered and the hair is saturated. Work into the hair, spreading the solution thoroughly and evenly from the roots to tips. Ensure solution is left in the hair for at least 8 hours (It can be left in overnight if you prefer). Rinse or shampoo solution out (you will notice it comes out easily, with the dead lice). Apply again after 7 days to combat any lice which may hatch in that time.  Suitable For adults and children aged 6 months and over.  For external use only. If spray accidentally comes into contact with the eyes, flush and rinse away with water. Discontinue the use of Hedrin if a skin rash or other signs of hypersensitivity occur. Children under 6 months should only be treated under medical supervision. If spilled, Hedrin may cause a slip hazard. Keep hair away from sources of ignition, especially naked flames and burning cigarettes, whilst being treated with Hedrin. Always read the label.

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