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Piles or haemorrhoids can be an extremely embarrassing and uncomfortable condition however Rowland Pharmacy offer a number of discreet ways to remedy this common problem including a range of Germoloids creams, suppositories, sprays and ointments.


Germoloids are an effective solution to treat haemorrhoids with active ingredients which work to help relieve the pain, swelling and itching that make living with piles and haemorrhoids a nuisance.


Germoloids Cream is available in both 25mg and 55mg dosages to shrink piles, soothe itching and reduce swelling with an active local anaesthetic ingredient. Germoloids HC Spray also contains hydrocortisone which is useful in minimising inflammation. The spray format makes the formula easy to apply as well as being more hygienic; overall reducing the risk of cross infection.


For use alongside other Germoloids treatments such as Germoloids suppositories, Germoloids Ointment helps lubricate and protect the sore to successfully cure piles when applied at least twice daily.


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