Numb it with Emla

A handy numbing cream that can be used before needle or laser procedures.

From blood tests and injections, to tattoos and laser hair removal, try applying Emla in advance to help reduce needle pain and make the experience more comfortable. Emla numbing cream (also known as a topical anaesthetic) is a trusted brand that has been available in the UK for more than 20 years.


You can pick up Emla at your local Rowlands store without a prescription, just ask at the counter. There are a range of packs available. The 30g tube is suitable for numbing larger areas of skin (e.g. before tattoos or laser hair removal). The 5g tube is suitable for numbing smaller areas of skin (e.g. before vaccinations or blood tests). Always read the label.



Cover the Emla cream with a suitable air-tight, water-tight dressing (known as an “occlusive” dressing), so the active ingredients absorb into the skin and do not get wiped off. If the area to be numbed is too large for a dressing, some people cover the skin with cling film. For certain facial procedures, it may not be practical to use a dressing.


Make sure you read the patient information leaflet for more details on how to apply or visit


Did you know, unlike Emla, not all numbing creams that you find online are licensed for sale in the UK? Unlicensed or fake medicines may not have been manufactured safely and may contain ineffective or dangerous contents. Always buy Emla from a UK-registered and trusted Pharmacy like Rowlands.



UK-LIDP-09-20-00002. September 2021

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