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Helpful in fighting the symptoms of Athlete's Foot is Daktarin Gold cream which relieves the itching and discomfort of mild Athlete's Foot within a week when applied to the affected areas between the toes as well as being a soothing remedy to sweat rash.


More intensive treatments can be found with Daktarin Aktiv Cream which focusses on repairing cracked, infected skin caused by Athlete's Foot in up to 10 days whilst Daktarin Intensive helps gives long-lasting protection against further infection.


Treat any painful infections of the mouth and throat with Daktarin; the orange-flavoured sugar free oral gel which is formulated to tackle fungal and bacterial infections by stopping and destroying the infection in its tracks.


Athlete's Foot, whilst common, can be an irritating and embarrassing condition but with Daktarin, you can cure any discomfort within a few short weeks. 

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