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Soothe the symptoms of thrush and yeast infections with Canesten products including creams, pessaries and oral capsules.


Thrush is one of the most common infections caused by fungal yeast and can be an embarrassing problem as well as an uncomfortable one. Canesten helps to assist in restoring the balance of the 'friendly' bacteria on skin or genitals to remedy the itching and discomfort of genital thrush, oral thrush and conditions like Athlete's Foot, curing the infection within just a few days.


Canesten cream is one of Canesten's best-selling products as it relieves the irritating itch of thrush in both men and women and is available in a 20mg dosage. Canesten Combi and Canesten Pessary provide a more intensive treatment which goes to work on the infection itself at the same time, clearing up the problem within just a few days of use.


Less invasive is the Canesten Oral capsule which can be taken as with any other medication in pill-form and is effective as a single dose but also works extremely well with the Canesten cream; the Canesten Oral and Cream Duo is especially useful for those who value a fast, effective and easy to use treatment.


Canesten Hydrocortisone also provides a strong remedy to sweat rash and Athlete's Foot which combats skin inflammation when thinly applied to the affected area.

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