Protect your Employees

Help your employees protect themselves, their loved ones & their colleagues this flu season

In these unprecedented times, it is even more important to protect your workforce from the flu virus this coming flu season. Rowlands Pharmacy will be able to provide the vaccine in a safe protected environment using strict standard operating procedures to ensure the safety of your employees throughout.


Absence due to flu can mean important disruption to your workforce, productivity and costs to your business.


People often state location and convenience as reasons for not having a flu jab. Unfortunately, this often includes people that are considered to be in “at risk” groups.


The NHS provides a free flu service to all patients at increased risk of complications from flu. However, for the remainder of the population, the availability of a consistent private service is poor.


Time pressures influence people’s decision to get vaccinated or not. After all, taking time to sit in a GP waiting room is often difficult during the working day. In the current economic climate, even the smallest reduction in productivity can translate into a significant loss of profit for your business.


Flu vaccinations can reduce workplace absences; helping reduce the costs and disruption that this can create.


Employers that provide the seasonal flu jab as an employee benefit not only protect the individual but also the individual’s family and work colleagues. It also ensures that employees return to work after the minimal amount of time it takes to receive the jab.


Rowlands Pharmacy has been offering a B2B (Business to Business) Flu Service for over 7 years and has been working with companies such as Bentley Motors, Avery Healthcare, Next Distribution, Liverpool Football Club, Pets at home among others.


Rowlands Pharmacy offers two convenient ways to protect your employees and your business against flu this year:

  1. Onsite Clinics
  2. Rowlands Flu Vouchers

For more information and to protect your employees and your business, please contact your local Rowlands Pharmacy or Professional & Patient Services by emailing or call 01928 750 549.

All information stated in this page is correct at time of publishing however information is subject to change. Please ask one of our pharmacy team for the most up to date guidelines.



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