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Anadin knows that types of pain can vary and will respond differently to specific pain killers. This is why the Anadin range of pain relief tablets are catered to meet every need when it comes to effective pain relief.


Anadin are the only brand to provide a range which includes ibuprofen, paracetamol and aspirin; each composed of active ingredients to combat everything from flu, period pain and headaches to back pain, muscle pain and joint pain. This means Anadin provides tailored pain relief, whatever your worries.


Anadin Original containing aspirin and caffeine is the number one treatment for headaches and can be used to remedy other mild to moderate pains such as toothache, migraines and sciatica whilst Anadin Extra provides a more concentrated dosage to aid muscular aches, colds and sprains.


Anadin Joint Pain also provides specific pain relief for inflamed joints and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that kick in when taken with water to treat non-serious arthritic conditions such as neuralgia.


Anadin Paracetamol tablets are an extremely effective treatment for colds, flu symptoms and fever whilst being gentle on the stomach.


Pain relief can last up to eight hours with Anadin products but be sure to read the directions for use before taking all Anadin products as instructions can vary with each product.

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