Acne is a common, treatable skin condition causing spots to develop on the face, back and chest and will affect most people at some point during their lives. It is a disorder of the oil-producing skin glands where the skin becomes greasy and white and black heads form. Acne is most commonly linked to the changes in hormone levels during puberty, because of this many people believe only teenagers are affected, however roughly 80% of people between the ages of 11 and 30 will be affected by acne.


It is caused when tiny holes in the skin, known as hair follicles, become blocked and spots start to develop, usually on the face, chest and back. These spots can vary from small blackheads to pus-filled cysts in severe cases, which can lead to long-lasting blemishes and permanent scarring.


There is no cure for acne but treatment can help control the condition. The treatment you choose will depend on how severe it is. Many people can successfully treat acne with over-the-counter gels or creams available at Rowlands Pharmacy.  Treatments will not work overnight; results can sometimes take up to 3 months so don’t expect an instant outcome.


Our Advice

  • Wash regularly with an anti-bacterial wash.
  • Dry thoroughly with a clean rough towel.
  • Avoid using lots of greasy make-up.
  • Do not squeeze the spots.
  • Do not expect acne to go away overnight, it may take a couple of months to improve.
  • If symptoms do not improve in 3 months, ask our pharmacist for advice.

Products we recommend for this condition are:


  • Freederm Gel 25g - Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before use. Use Freederm Gel twice daily as follows: Cleanse the affected area and surrounding skin throroughly with soap and warm water.  Gently dry and apply a thin film of Freederm to cover this area.  Contains Nicotinamide.  Keep all medicines out of the reach of children.  This product is only for application to the skin.  Do not use Freederm if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. When using Freederm on the face, take care to keep it away from the eyes and mucous membranes, including those of the nose and mouth.  As is generally adviseable if you have unusually sensitive skin and are applying any new treatment for the first time, it is a good idea initially to test the gel on a small area, and wait for 24 hours before using it on larger areas. This is especially important when treating the face.
  • Freederm Body wash 200ml - Use instead of ordinary shower gel or soap and rinse
    throughly.  Pat dry.  Best used before the end of the month shown on the container.  Keep out of the sight and reach of children.  Take care to avoid slipping in the bath or shower.  Avoid contact with the eyes.  If Freederm Body Wash does come into contact with the eyes, flush thoroghly with warm water.   If irritation persists consult your doctor.  If you accidently swallow the product and you then feel unwell, seek medical attention.  Do not attempt to cause vomiting.

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