Scholl Hard Skin & Callus Express Liquid Treatment 50ml

Scholl Hard Skin & Callus Express Liquid Treatment 50ml Special Offer

Softer feeling skin in 1 application

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How should I use the treatment?
With just one application the Hard Skin and Callus Express Liquid Treatment frees your feet from excessive visible hard skin and callus, which may be painful. This highly effective solution penetrates hard and callused skin and softens it, ready to be easily removed using the special spatula.
94% of people that tried it claimed their skin felt softer after one application

Read precautions before use. This product is recommended to be used in the bathroom to allow convenient rinsing of feet after use.
Step 1:
Holding the bottle upright carefully unscrew the cap. Apply the solution to a cotton wool pad until it is completely soaked. Replace cap.
Step 2:
Place the soaked cotton wool pad to the area of hard skin/callus and rinse hands immediately. Leave the soaked cotton wool pad in place for a maximum of 6 minutes, depending on the thickness of the hard skin/callus. In case of contact with healthy skin, wash thoroughly.
Step 3:
Remove cotton wool pad, safely dispose and rinse hands immediately. Using the spatula provided gently scrape softened skin away.
After use, wash hands and feet thoroughly.
Wash spatula thoroughly, dry and store safely.

Caution: For external use only.
Contains alkali. Avoid contact with eyes; risk of blindness. Can cause burns, carefully follow directions for use. Keep out of reach of children. Do not apply on irritated or broken skin. In case of skin irritation, stop using immediately. If skin irritation persists, consult a doctor. For personal use only. Use only as directed. Do not use on other skin conditions. Cotton wool pads are not provided in this pack. Dispose of responsibly.

Scholl and diabetes
Unfortunately, this product is not suitable for diabetics and those with poor blood circulation.