Respimer Netiflow Sinus & Nasal Irrigation Sachets

Respimer Netiflow Sinus & Nasal Irrigation Sachets Special Offer

Proven Relief for sinusitis, colds and allergies.

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More Info:

RespimerNetiflow is a Sinus and Nasal Irrigation system which provides proven relief for Sinusitis, Colds and Allergies.

RespimerNetiflow also helps with all forms of Rhinitis and ChronicRhinosinusitis

RespimerNetiflow decongests, cleanses and soothes the respiratory mucous membrane to relieve sinus pain

RespimerNetiflow is safe and easy-to-use


RespimerNetiflow delivers key benefits to the patient :

·         Each sachet contains 5 essential minerals which are pH balanced , preservative free and provide a soothing effect

·         Each Starter bottle kit comes with two nozzles – one is for gentle feed ( gravity application ) and then other is for a more pressurised feed ( vertical flow ) designed for more experienced irrigators

·         Each Starter bottle kit comes with soft ergonomically designed nozzles so they are gentle on your nose

·         Bottle neck  can also be adjusted for fast or slow flow of solution to meet your needsas you move from a beginner to an experienced nasal irrigator

RespimerNetiflow is available as a Starter Bottle kit ( including sachets ) and aRefill sachet box


RespimerNetiflow is approved by Allergy UK

Refill Sachet Pack contains :

30 x 4g ready to use sachets ( 1 month’s supply )

Each sachet contains a complex of 5 minerals salts ( sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium chloride , magnesium chloride and sodium bicarbonate )

Mineral salts in each sachet are of pharmaceutical quality


How to use ?

Add 240ml of spring water or cooled down boiled tap water to bottle

Empty 1 x 4g sachet into the 240ml bottle

Put on neck and nozzle , shake bottle gently to disperse the mineral content

With the curved nozzle , place bottle above nose , place nozzle into nasal cavity ( over sink ) and allow half of the fluid to enter ( i.e. 120ml ) . Fluid will gently flow around nasal membrane tract and come out of the other nasal cavity . Now repeat with the other nasal cavity. Use this method if suffering from moderate symptoms

With thestraight nozzle , ensure dip tube is connected to neck and position bottle below nasal cavity. Allow solution to flow into nasal cavity by squeezing the bottle to pressurise the flow up into the nose


What does RespimerNetiflow do  ?

Loosens and clears secretions

Promotes proper functioning of the respiratory defence system

Acts favourably on ciliary beats

RespimerNetiflow mineral s contain electrolytes found in extracellular fluid to promote regeneration of the respiratory epithelium


Recommended Dosage & Frequency of use :

Suitable for Adults and Children over 6 years of age

As Respimer is “Drug Free”, it is also suitable for use by pregnant or breast-feeding women

In cases of Rhinitis , Sinusitis, Chronic Rhinosinusitis and postoperative care use 1 sachet dissolved into 240ml of water ( spring or cooled boiled tap water ) to create a buffered isotonic solution

In cases of heavy nasal congestion , dissolve 2 sachets into 240ml of water