Nurofen Migraine Pain

Nurofen Migraine Pain

–Nurofen’s first ever migraine- which is easily absorbed in the body, helping to stop the migraine developing.

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Rapid relief from Migraine Pain.


Adults and children 12 years and older should take 1 or 2 tablets with water, and if necessary take 1 or 2 tablets every 4 hours. Leave at least 4 hours between doses. Do not exceed 6 tablets in any 24 hours.



Do not take if you have ever had a stomach ulcer or if you are allergic to any of the contained ingredients, to aspirin or any other non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs.

Consult you doctor before use if you are pregnant, asthmatic, or are taking any other painkiller or regular medical treatment.

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use.