Nurofen for Children 100mg/5ml Oral Suspension Orange Flavour 3 Months to 12 Years

Nurofen for Children 100mg/5ml Oral Suspension Orange Flavour 3 Months to 12 Years

Relief from fever and mild to moderate pain.

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More Info:

Nurofen for children 3 months to 12 years Orange, is an oral ibuprofen suspension for babies and children aged 3 months to 12 years.

Warnings, Side Effects:

Do not take if: - Your child is under 3 months or weighs less then 5kg, - Your child has ever had a stomach ulcer, perforation or bleeding from the stomach, - Your child is allergic to ibuprofen, aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medicine, - Your child is taking any other anti-inflammatory painkiller, - Your child has an inherited intolerance to sugars. Consult your pharmacist or doctor before using this product if: - Your child has asthma or a breathing condition, - Your child has a heart, liver or kidney problem, - Your child is taking any of the following medicines: aspirin, high blood pressure medicines, anti-coagulants, corticosteriods, methotexate, lithium or any other prescribed medicine, - Your child has a connective tissue condition. Not suitable for children under 3 months. Follow the dosage instructions carefully on the product. Do not exceed the stated dose. Do not give for more than 24 hours for babies 3-6 months. Do not give for more than 3 days for children aged over 6 months. If symptoms persist or worsen consult the doctor. A mimimum of 4 hours is required between each dose. In the event of overdose seek medical attention immediately. Side effects are uncommon. In the rare event that your child experiences any other symptoms stop taking the medicine and seek the advice of a doctor. Keep out of the reach of children Always read the label.