Herbal Essences Clearly Naked (0%) Volumising Shampoo

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked (0%) Volumising Shampoo

Lightweight Volume Shampoo with 0% Silicone, 0% Paraben, 0% Colourant.

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Are you ready for a naturally uplifting experience? 
Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Volume Shampoo delivers heaps of luscious bounce with its lightweight, body-boosting silicone free formula, while you feel the invigorating rush of grapefruit and mint scent. 

The Herbal Essences Clearly Naked collection with 0% paraben, 0% colourant and 0% silicone (shampoos only) is the perfect way to undress it. These shampoos and conditioners contain all the essentials for healthy hair while removing all which is not absolutely needed. Say yes to irresistible bare, soft hair!