Feminax Ultra 250mg Gastro-resistant tablets

Feminax Ultra 250mg Gastro-resistant tablets

Targets period pain and menstrual cramps to provide long lasting relief for up to 8 hours

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Feminax Ultra 250mg Gastro-resistant tablets contains naproxen, an effective anti-inflammatory agent that works directly at the site of pain to help relieve cramps. Suitable for women aged 15 to 50.

First day - as soon as the pain starts, take 2 tablets.  After 6 to 8 hours, take one more tablet if needed.  Second and third days - take one tablet every 6 to 8 hours if needed.  Please read the enclosed leaflet carefully before taking this medication.

Active Ingredients:

  • Naproxen 250mg

Warnings, Side Effects:

The tablet also contains: lactose, maize starch, polyvidone, sodium starch glycollate and magnesium stearate. Also the coating contains colloidal silicon dioxide, polvinyl acetate phthalate, polyethylene glycol, stearic acid, hydroxypropyl methycellulose, sodium alginate, sodium bicarbonate, purified talc, triethyl citrate, the colour titanium dioxide (E171). Do not take this medication if you are taking other NSAID painkillers or aspirin, or ever had: Stomach ulcers or other serious stomach problems. If you ever have had an allergic reaction to naproxen, other NSAIDs or any other ingredient in this product. If you are breast feeding or there is any chance you may be pregnant, you started to have period pain more than a year after your first period, if you have heart problems, kidney or liver problems, a blood clotting problem or asthma. These tablets may make you dizzy, sleepy or cause vertigo, loss of concentration, difficulty sleeping, depression or visual problems. Do not drive or use machines if this happens to you. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist first before taking this medication if you are taking-ciclosporin, steroids, quinolone antibiotics, sulphonamides, lithium, methotrexate, probenecid, water tablets, medicines for high blood pressure, medicines for your heart, medicines to stop blood clots, phenytoin, mifepristone, aspirin or any antidepressants.