Durex Play Delight

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For quivering stimulation

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Vibrating Bullet
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The delight vibrating bullet from Durex Play is a sensational way to slip a little more playtime into your sex life. Stimulators and vibes like this can not only intensify your experiences, they can also increase intimacy between you and your partner. Disarmingly discreet, this powerful vibrating bullet provides quivering clitoral and all over body stimulation and inspiring you to discover new pleasures, getting you in the mood for more adventurous foreplay. Play delight's soft texture provides a sensual gentle touch, and with up to a whopping 5 hours of pleasure-inducing vibrations to play with... What are you waiting for?

Play delight is so easy to use: waterproof and simple to switch on and off, it's ideal for solo play as well as use with your partner. For maximum pleasure, take your time over foreplay and try experimenting with what best turns you on, from light fluttering touches to intense vibrations - guaranteed to give you goosebumps and leave you wanting more. In case you get carried away (highly likely), and to turn things from sensual to sexy in a matter of seconds, try a condom friendly lube like Play warming or tingle.