Colofac IBS Tablets

Colofac IBS Tablets  

Relief from the symptoms of IBS.

15 tablets

Active Ingredients:

  • Mebeverine hydrochloride

Warnings, Side Effects:

If you have not suffered from IBS before, or you have developed new symptoms, or your symptoms have got worse, please see your doctor before using any IBS treatment. Consult your doctor before using this product even if you know you have IBS: - If you are 40 years of age or over and your symptoms have changed, or it is some time since you last suffered from IBS. - If you passed blood from the bowel. - If you are feeling sick or vomiting. - If you have lost your appetite, or lost weight, for no apparent reason. - If you are looking pale and feeling tired. - If you are suffering from severe constipation. - If you have a fever. - If you have recently travelled abroad. - If you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant. - If you have abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge. - If you have difficulty or pain when passing water. Not recommended for children under 10 years. If you have any other symptoms after taking this product, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Keep out of reach of children. Always read the label.