Clarityn Allergy 10mg Tablets

Clarityn Allergy 10mg Tablets

Loratadine - To relieve allergic symptoms due to hayfever and other airborne allergies, such as house dust mite and pet allergies. Can also be taken for allergic skin conditions such as rash, itching and urticaria (hives).

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14 tablets

More Info:

Please read enclosed leaflet before using this medication.

For oral use. Dosage:
Age: Adults and children over 12 years, How much to take: 1 x tablet, How often to take: Once daily
Age: Children of 2 to 12 years, How much to take: See package leaflet. Clarityn Allergy syrup may be preferable for this age group
If you have severe liver problems your doctor or pharmacist may advise you to take the recommended amount every other day. If this applies to you follow their instructions.

1 a day
Hayfever & other allergies
Relief of: sneezing, runny nose and itchy eyes
Advisory - Years