Carnation Verruca Care

Carnation Verruca Care

Clinically proven verruca removal.

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4 Medicated & 1 Protective Plaster

More Info:

·         Unique Salicylic Acid paste resolves the verruca.

·         Padding relieves the pressure that can cause pain.

·         Easy to apply.

·         No drying time needed.

·         4 x Medicated and 1 x Protective Plaster

How to Use

Store in the original packaging at less than 30°C, away from direct sources of heat and humidity.

Directions for Use

1.     For better adhesion clean and dry the feet.

2.     Take a medicated plaster from its sachet and remove the backing paper.

3.     Firmly apply the medicated plaster, ensuring that the paste is over the verruca.

4.     Change the medicated plaster every 2 days, cleaning the surrounding area and gently removing any dead skin. Repeat this treatment until all 4 medicated plasters have been used over an 8 day period.

5.     When the 4th medicated plaster has been removed, cover the area with the protective plaster to allow healing and prevent infection

Wait for 4 weeks before repeating treatment if the verruca has not disappeared.