Canesten Dermatological Spray

Canesten Dermatological Spray

Canesten Dermatological Spray treats fungal infections of the skin.

Canesten 40ml Spray
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Product Details
Canesten Dermatological Spray treats fungal infections of the skin. This easy to use spray is ideal for using on large, hairy or difficult to reach areas.

Apply the spray to the affected areas 2 or 3 times a day. Before the first application, press the atomizer head down once or twice.

The duration of treatment depends on the type of infection. Generally a minimum of two weeks is required, although up to four weeks may be necessary.

The symptoms of skin infection, such as itching or soreness, should improve within a few days of treatment although signs such as redness and scaling may take longer to disappear. If symptoms persist , consult your doctor.

The cutaneous spray solution contains Clotrimazole 400mg (1% w/v). It also contains isopropyl alcohol, propylene glycol and macrogol 400. Canesten Dermatological Spray does not contain propellant.

Warnings, Side Effects:

Do not use the spray if you have previously had an allergic reaction to clotrimazole or to any of the other ingredients in this product. If you are unsure about this, ask your doctor or pharmacist. If you are pregnant, breast-feeding or trying for a baby, tell your doctor or midwife before using. If you have already informed your doctor, follow his/her instructions carefully.