A smarter meter to help you better manage your diabetes

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Blood Glucose Meter
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More Info:

The NEW CONTOUR® NEXT LINK 2.4 meter wirelessly sends blood glucose results directly to your MiniMed 6040G Bolus Wizard™ calculator to help save you time and effort

Product Details:

  • Accurate readings can help you adjust your insulin bolus dose more confidently
  • CONTOUR® NEXT LINK uses CONTOUR® NEXT test strips for exceptional accuracy, beyond ISO 15197:2013 requirements1-3.
  • The Multipulse technology from Bayer ensures accurate glucose measurements, even when blood glucose levels are low. Accuracy is not affected by many common interfering substances*
  • No Coding™ technology removes the need to manually code the meter before testing, eliminating errors due to miscoding

Kit Contents

  • CONTOUR® NEXT LINK 2.4 Blood Glucose Meter
  • 25 CONTOUR® NEXT Test Strips
  • MICROLET® 2 Lancing Device
  • Alternative Site Endcap
  • 25 Coloured Lancets
  • User Guide and Quick Reference Guide
  • USB Cable
  • Meter Wallet
  • Warranty Card
  • Web Registration Card
  • Starter Record Diary
  • MICROLET® 2 Insert

Please Note

This meter is designed for use in the United Kingdom. This meter has been preset and locked to display blood glucose results in mmol/L. if you live outside of the United Kingdom, you may be used to seeing results in mg/dL. Please check with your healthcare professional before purchasing this meter.

*Please refer to the package insert. +CONTOUR® NEXT LINK 2.4 meter is compatible with the NEW MiniMed™ 640G insulin pump.

1.International Organization for Standardization. ISO 15197:2013: In vitro diagnostic test systems – requirements for blood glucose monitoring systems for self-testing in managing diabetes mellitus. Second edition. Geneva, Switzerland: 2013. 2. Harrison, B. et al. Poster presented at the 6th International Conference on Advanced Technologies and Treatments for Diabetes. Paris, France, 27 February – 2 March, 2013. 3. CONTOUR® NEXT LINK, Data on File. Bayer HealthCare.