Anthisan Bite and Sting Cream

Anthisan Bite and Sting Cream

Relief from insect bites and stings, nettle rash.

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More Info:

How to use
Anthisan Bite & Sting Cream should be applied directly to the site of the insect bite, insect sting or stinging nettle rash.
For best results, use as soon as possible after the bite or sting.
In adults and children of 2 years and above apply two to three times a day for up to three days.
Do not use
On eczema or extensively broken skin. If the skin is cut or grazed. On areas of sunburnt skin. On large areas of skin.
Stop using if you notice signs of skin sensitivity. These include skin redness, swelling and itching, pain or burning sensation. If symptoms worsen or do not improve after 3 days talk to your doctor or pharmacist. 
Always read the leaflet before using this medicine.

Active Ingredients:

  • Mepyramine Maleate

Warnings, Side Effects:

Do not use if: - You have eczema or extensively broken skin, - You are pregnant or breast feeding. If you have any other symptoms after using this product, consult with your doctor or pharmacist. For external use only. Always read the label. Keep out of reach of children.