Family Planning

Take control of your family planning at Rowlands Pharmacy, where we have a great range of family planning products including pregnancy tests, ovulation testers and contraceptives.

When you are trying to get pregnant, a Maybe Baby ovulation tester will help you to have the best chance of success, and Trueline and Clearblue pregnancy tests give you the answer you need quickly and easily. We also stock Clearblue plus pregnancy tests, a pack of two pregnancy tests which offers even better value for your money.

As well as offering ovulation testers and pregnancy tests online, Rowlands Pharmacy also have a range of Durex condoms to complete our range of quality and reliable family planning products.

For your peace of mind, all Rowlands Pharmacy products are delivered quickly by Royal Mail and in discreet packaging.

If you have any questions about family planning or our range of family planning products, you can Ask a Pharmacist on our dedicated page and get fast and trustworthy advice from a qualified person. There is also lots more information on family planning and sexual health to be found in our Advice Centre.

If you believe you may be pregnant or get a positive pregnancy test result, you should speak to your GP or a midwife as soon as possible. Similarly if you are having any problems getting pregnant or need more information about safe family planning, your GP will be able to help.

  • Clearblue Plus Pregnancy test kit 2 Tests


  • Clearblue Pregnancy Test Kit 1 test


  • Maybe Baby Ovulation Tester Saliva Ovulation tester


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  • Numark Pregnancy Test Twin Pack 2 tests


  • TRULINE Pregnancy Test Kit 1 test


  • TRULINE Pregnancy Test Kit 2 test


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