Ear Treatments

Ear infections or a build-up of ear wax can be uncomfortable, and sometimes even painful. At Rowlands Pharmacy we have a wide range of over the counter ear treatments to target the problem quickly and conveniently, as well as a great choice of ear plugs to help prevent ear problems. 

Choose from Otex ear drops, EarCalm spray, swim ear drops and olive oil spray from Earol. Cerumol and WaxSol ear drops for wax, and many more, so you can choose the right ear treatment for your needs. 

If it's ear plugs you require, you can find the best ear plugs from Earfit, plus EarPlanes ear plugs for kids and smaller ears here. Whether you require ear plugs for swimming, sleeping or flying, you're sure to find what you're looking for in the Rowlands Pharmacy ear treatments range.

If you are unsure which ear treatment is right for you, you can Ask a Pharmacist on our dedicated page to receive confidential and reliable information on ear treatments and ear plugs. What's more, you'll find more tips and advice on caring for your ears in our Advice Centre, though if you use an ear treatment and the problem does not clear up within a few days, we recommend talking to your doctor.

  • Cerumol Ear Drops 11ml


  • OTEX ear drops 5% 8ml


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  • EarCalm Spray 5ml 5ml


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  • EARFIT ear plugs 2 pairs


  • Earol Olive Oil Spray x10ml Earol Olive Oil Spray x1...

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  • EarPlanes For Kids & Smaller Ears 1 Pair


  • WAXSOL ear drops 10ml


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