Dry Coughs

Find fast relief from the irritation of a tickly, dry cough with the wide range of dry cough medicines at Rowlands Pharmacy. 

Order the dry cough treatment of your choice online for fast delivery to your door, so you can ease the symptoms of your dry cough as soon as they appear.

Our range of over-the-counter dry cough medicines includes treatments in linctus and cough syrup form, which help to relieve a dry, tickly cough fast and soothe your chest and throat.

You'll find products from trusted brands like Covonia, Meltus, Robitussin, Benilyn and Buttercup, so you can find your preferred treatment and always have it on hand when you need it, without the need for a prescription.

For more advice on treating a dry cough, visit our Advice Centre, or speak directly with a qualified pharmacist on our Ask a Pharmacist page. If your dry cough does not disappear within a few days of using a cough medicine, Rowlands Pharmacy recommend speaking with your doctor as you may need a prescription medication.

  • NUMARK Pholcodine Linctus 200ml

    Was: £2.00 Now: £1.65

  • NUMARK Pholcodine Linctus s/f 200ml

    Was: £1.75 Now: £1.40

  • ACTIFED dry cough multi-action 100ml


  • Benylin Dry Coughs Original 150ml

    Was: £4.49 Now: £3.59

  • BENYLIN non-drowsy dry coughs 150ml

    Was: £4.49 Now: £2.20

    Sold Out
  • Buttercup Original Cough Syrup 150ml


  • COVONIA night time formula 150ml

    Was: £4.25 Now: £3.40

  • Meltus (Adult) Dry Coughs 100ml Adult Meltus 100ml

    Was: £3.39 Now: £2.69

    Sold Out
  • NUMARK Dry Tickly Cough 200ml

    Was: £1.75 Now: £1.40

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