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About Cookies

What is a Cookie?

A Cookie is simply a small text file which is downloaded onto your computer when you’re browsing the web. It’s designed to store information about how you use our site and help provide you with a better experience.

So how do we use Cookies?

We use them to make your experience while using our site as pleasurable as possible. From simple things such as remembering what items you have in your shopping basket, to helping us understand which pages are used and how we use cookies, so that we can improve our website continually.

What Cookies do we use?

Below is a list of each Cookie we use across our site as well as a brief description of what its used for:

Name of Cookie What is the Cookie used for
CFCLIENT_SOM_SITE_ROWLANDS Remembers existing customer details and if anything is in the shopping basket
CFID Manages a visitors log in and shopping basket process
CFTOKEN Manages a visitors log in and shopping basket process
DISPLAYMODE Determines the type of display presented to a visitor
CFGLOBALS Remembers visitor session details such as logins
_utmz Set by Google and monitors whether a search engine was used what link a visitor clicked on and where they accessed the website from
_utmb Set by Google and holds records of when someone first visits the site
_utma Set by Google and keeps track of the number visits to the site
_utmc Set by Google and holds time when a visitor leaves site
PREF Set by Google to store user preference information
lastUser Remembers the last logged in user details for the site welcome message
vieweditems Remembers the products you have viewed to display in the homepage panel
categoryIdList Remembers the department last viewed

How do I delete or block Cookies?

If you want to block or delete any Cookies then click on the Help function within your browser settings or for more information about Cookies, visit http://www.aboutcookies.org