Success Stories

Success Stories

Katie lost 3 stone with Celebrity Slim!

After having her second child, Katie had gone from a size 8 to a size 14.

It is very common for women to gain weight throughout pregnancy and Katie was no different, after having her second child Katie was determined to get back into her old size 8 wardrobe!

“I began the programme at the end of April and found that Celebrity Slim fitted in really well with my lifestyle, it was so convenient and being able to eat real food whilst feeding a family was perfect! I would recommend to anyone wanting to lose weight, and get back in their old jeans, to give Celebrity Slim a try; you will be shocked at how easy it is!”

“Not only did Celebrity Slim help me, it also made a huge difference to my mum, she stopped smoking after 36 years and gained about 3 stone. Once she started to see my weight loss with Celebrity Slim and then tasted the Fruit and Nut Breakfast bar she was hooked! She lost 5lbs in the 1st week, she was over the moon!”

“I really enjoy logging onto the Celebrity Slim UK & Ireland Facebook page, I find everyone so friendly. It is hard being new to any diet, but I found all the help and support I needed from other like-minded slimmers, the encouragement we give each other is really motivating. I love to help out and give advice to other slimmers who are new to Celebrity Slim, if I can loose the weight and keep it off, I'm sure anyone can!”

Karen went from a size 18 to a 10 with Celebrity Slim!

Karen Cross, from Preston, decided to start Celebrity Slim™ when her son started back at school following the summer holidays. Her first goal was to reach 11 stone.

Karen had tried various diets in the past and had lost weight but always found the weight crept back on. She explained; “With Celebrity Slim™ I was never grumpy, I loved the meal replacements and stuck to it. By April 2011 I weighed an amazing 10 stone! By February 2012 I was a consistent 9 stone 9lbs. I have gone from a size 18 to a size 10! I am keeping the weight off and for convenience, if I am in a rush, I still love the shakes for breakfast and vegetable soup or choc caramel bar for lunch.”

Since losing weight Karen now enjoys a much healthier lifestyle, she goes to the gym and takes at least two power walks each week. Karen said; “I have been overweight since I was a teenager and I've tried so many diets but nothing ever worked. There was something different about Celebrity Slim™. I have never focused on the intake of carbohydrates previously which had obviously been my downfall. I have learnt what balance of food groups is needed in order to maintain a healthy weight.”

Claire Fraser lost 4 stones in 6 months and gained confidence!

Claire Fraser from Long Eaton lost four stone in six months and has gone from a size 18 to a 14. Claire put on a lot of weight whilst she was pregnant and found it difficult to fit dieting into her busy daily routine looking after her young children. Claire explained her motivation:

“My fifth wedding anniversary was approaching and I decided that I wanted to get back to the same weight I was when I got married”.

Claire also noticed that after she had lost weight her fitness levels increased massively. Claire had always wanted to go running but she found she was out of breath too quickly. With her newfound vigour for exercise, Claire explained her proudest moment since losing weight

“I completed the race for life this year, something I never thought I could do before! I also took up burlesque dancing; I used to dance when I was younger but at my heaviest I never thought I'd ever have the confidence to get back into it”.

Jane has lost over 6 stone and she lost it for fashion!

Jane Hutchingson, from North Wales, started on the Celebrity Slim Programme during October 2011.

She said; “I knew I had gained a lot of weight over a period of about 18 months but didn't realise until I weighed myself that I was almost 16 stone. For my 5ft 5in frame this meant I was classed as severely obese.”

Jane runs a beauty parlour in North Wales and was inspired to lose weight when a client, who works for Rowlands Pharmacy, explained how she had lost five stone on the Celebrity Slim programme.

Jane said, “As the weight dropped off, I felt that I was able to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. I now weight 9 stone 8lbs, I am finally fit and healthy as well as a size 8-10, I love my new look!”

“I found the Celebrity Slim Programme so easy to stick to and I know I will always be able to maintain my new weight because Celebrity Slim has educated me on how to eat healthily”.