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14 Jan 2016

Weight Loss Quiz: Which Kind of Dieter Are You?

 In the weeks (and months) following the post-Christmas indulgence, it’s not unusual to hear most of your friends and family talking about their new diets or health regimes – some of which will invariably be more ‘unusual’ than others.

weight loss quiz

Everyone has their own approach to losing weight and healthy living, but the only right approach is the one that works for you, fits in with your lifestyle, and most importantly, doesn’t make you miserable!

That being said, there are certainly healthy and unhealthy ways to lose weight, and some of the approaches that people can take to losing a few pounds aren’t always ideal. At Rowlands Pharmacy we’ve identified four main different types of dieters, and you can take our weight loss quiz below to find out which type you’re most likely to be, and what we recommend to help you get – or even stay – on the path to reaching your weight loss goals.

The different types of dieters

The Crash Dieter

fad dieter

When people are looking for ways to lose weight, they can be tempted to go to extreme measures, including by cutting very large quantities of daily calories out of their diets. This is often referred to as ‘crash dieting’, and while it can lead to losing weight very rapidly in the short term, unfortunately this isn’t always healthy in the long term, nor is it conducive to keeping off that unwanted weight.

The NHS in fact strongly advises against crash dieting, not only because it can make you feel unwell in the short term as you are starving your body of the nourishment it needs, but also because crash diets can have the unwanted effect of slowing down your metabolism as your body will react to a decreased food intake by reducing the speed at which it burns off calories. Yes, that’s right – by being a crash dieter, you’ll actually slow down your ability to lose weight, and on top of that you’ll be likely to regain the weight very quickly as crash dieting is unsustainable. Not good!

The Fad Dieter

weight loss quiz

We’ve all met someone who’s been on a fad diet or two, or maybe that person is you. A ‘fad diet’ is a diet programme that promises weight loss as long as you follow a strict, and often rather extreme approach to eating, and according to the NHS, diets like this are often not based on any reliable science or research.

Atkins, the 5:2 diet, cabbage soup, and even the Blood Type Diet and Alkaline Diets…the list of types of fad diets is endless, and so are the numbers of people willing to give them a go. But like crash dieting, following a fad diet can deliver short term results but be unsustainable in the long term, or even unhealthy, especially if you’re instructed to remove entire food groups from your diet. Plus, lots of fad diets are just downright boring – eating a healthy and balanced diet should be enjoyable.

The Misguided Dieter

weight loss quiz

It’s true that dieting isn’t necessarily easy, as it often means making changes to your lifestyle and making healthy choices – not easy when we’re surrounded by tempting treats every day. But unless you take the time to educate yourself on how to eat healthily and healthy ways to diet, you may find yourself simply not knowing where to start with losing weight, or being fooled by popular weight loss myths.

If you’re a misguided dieter, you may benefit from following a weight loss programme such as Celebrity Slim, as well as using Rowlands Pharmacy’s weight loss tracker and app to monitor your goals and record your progress. Plus you’ll find lots of great healthy recipes on our website too, so you’ll never be short of inspiration for meals that are good for you and your diet, and not to mention lots of free exercise videos that you can follow in the comfort of your home!

The Steady Dieter

steady dieter

The type of diet that the NHS does recommend is a steady diet - one that’s healthy and balanced, where weight loss takes place gradually and over a longer period of time as part of a lifestyle change, and is supplemented by regular exercise too. Of course, that’s also the type of diet that Rowlands Pharmacy recommend, and in our fantastic weight loss range you’ll find lots of products that can help you to lose weight steadily and healthily, including the amazing and clinically proven Celebrity Slim programme of shakes, soups, and meal bars that taste good too!

There are lots of advantages to being a steady dieter, not only that you’re more likely to keep off the weight that you lose, but also that it’s better for your health too. And when paired with exercise it’s even more effective, as working out helps to speed up your weight loss and improve your overall health.

So, have you taken our weight loss quiz yet to find out what type of dieter you are? It could be your first step to a new, healthier, and happier lifestyle – be sure to share it with your friends too!