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10 Aug 2015

Quiz: Do You Know How to Beat and Treat the Most Common Holiday Ailments?

 When you’ve saved up for months for your annual summer holiday, the last thing you want is to fall ill after you arrive.

Holiday Ailments Quiz

Unfortunately it can happen, as your daily routines change, you soak up the sunshine and tuck into unfamiliar foods and drinks, but knowing how to beat and treat some of the most common holiday ailments can stop your dream holiday from turning into a disaster!

From uncomfortable constipation to the dreaded ‘Delhi Belly’, and of course sunburn, insect bites and heat stroke, there are many illnesses or afflictions that can strike happy holidaymakers on a trip abroad. But of course it doesn’t have to happen, and certainly doesn’t need to spoil your holiday, so we’ve put together a quiz on some of the most common holiday conditions to test (or enhance!) your knowledge on how to treat them - or even better, avoid them altogether. 

You can find our informative quiz below. Why not share it with your friends to challenge them too?

Staying happy and healthy on holiday

Taking a few precautions, and forming healthy holiday habits, are key to keeping you and your family well when travelling abroad. Here are our top tips for avoiding a holiday illness:

Get your injections

When you book your holiday, check whether any vaccinations are required before you travel and arrange these with your GP as soon as possible.

Eat a balanced diet

It’s tempting to let your good eating habits slip when on holiday, but ensuring that you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables will keep both your immune system and digestion running at their best.

Drink plenty of water

Dehydration can make you feel unwell and also lead to more serious holiday ailments, so drink plenty of bottled water throughout the day, and in between each alcoholic drink you consume. Don’t drink water from taps or have drinks with ice in, as local water can contain bacteria with which our bodies are unfamiliar, which is what leads to traveller’s diarrhoea (or ‘Delhi Belly’). 

Keep moving

We understand that you’ll want to spend as much time on your sun-lounger as possible, but try to undertake some moderate exercise every day, whether that’s a few lengths of the pool, a walk along the promenade, or a few games of beach Frisbee!

Rest and recuperate

Late nights are part and parcel of the holiday experience, but too many in a row can run you down, especially if they’re followed by hangovers or long days in the hot sun. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night and top up your sleep with naps during the day, either in the shade or indoors.

Wear sunscreen

It’s lovely to come back from holiday with a tan – but not so much with sunburn! Apply the highest factor sunscreen that you can 30 minutes before dressing and going into the sun, and re-apply during the day and after swimming. Avoid the sunshine between noon and 3pm when the sun is at its hottest, as even high factor sunblock cannot offer complete protection from UV rays.

Wear insect repellent

It’s essential to check whether malaria vaccinations are required for the country you are travelling to, but wearing insect repellent on holiday is always a good idea to prevent their painful bites and stings. Ensure the insect repellent you choose contains DEET, an ingredient that mosquitoes and other biting insects are particularly adverse to. 

Bring a few medical essentials

Pack a small First Aid kit containing plasters and anti-septic cream, and some medications, such as those for upset stomach and diarrhoea, pain relief, and rehydration solution, so you can treat many ailments as soon as they arrive and get on with enjoying your holiday. 

We hope that you’ve found this article and our quiz helpful and that you have a happy, healthy holiday, and bring home nothing more than great memories. Bon Voyage from all of us at Rowlands Pharmacy!