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19 Jan 2016

10 Things Everyone on a Diet Knows to Be True

 Are you trying to drop the pounds in order to feel fitter and healthier? It’s unfortunate that losing weight is often a lot harder than putting it on!


Maintaining the motivation to stick to healthier eating and make lifestyle changes to lose weight requires commitment and the overcoming of certain obstacles. In this light-hearted post we take a look at some of the problems everyone on a diet inevitably has to face, along with some positive points to keep you pepped up too.

1.    Social invites flock in when you start a diet


Somehow, despite your diary looking bare for weeks prior to your diet, as soon as you commit to eating healthily you start to receive a flood of invites for all sorts of food and alcohol-based social occasions. Do you politely decline the invitation, or turn up with your own packed lunch?

2.    Takeaways target you directly


It was hard enough when takeaways just dropped flyers through your letterbox; nowadays they have your mobile number and send you tempting texts as well as personalised emails that feature all your favourite treat foods and discount codes too. Sorry – it’s time you hit ‘Unsubscribe’.

3.    The office feeder is not your ally

Wherever the biscuits, baked goods and leftover Christmas chocolates reside in your office, chances are you have to run a daily gauntlet to give them a wide berth. If people repeatedly urge you to “just have one”, consider making and directing them to a sign that simply states “I’m not eating treats as a treat to myself, thanks!”

4.    What worked for them isn’t necessarily right for you

Everyone seems to have an opinion on losing weight, and often friends or family may tell you “this worked for such and such” or “such and such says you should/shouldn’t/absolutely must eat or do that”. Choose a weight loss plan that you feel happy and comfortable with - it’s your journey, and what worked for others isn’t necessarily going to work for you.

5.     You’ve discovered a whole new world of smartphone apps

If you’re a smartphone addict, you’ll have headed straight to its app store to find nifty apps that can help you to stay on your weight loss journey. The MyFitnessPal app will have become your go-to friend for calculating your daily carb versus cardio trade-offs - just how long would you have to spend on the cross trainer to work off that bag of crisps? Don’t forget that Rowlands Pharmacy have our own fantastic weight loss tracker app too, which will help you to keep track of your progress towards your goals, as well as putting free workout videos and healthy recipes at your fingertips. If only dieting was that easy too!

6.    There isn’t a magic formula for motivation

Some days you find it easier to stick to your diet, and on others it may be a real struggle. Unfortunately there’s no magic formula for staying motivated. If you lose your way a little, remind yourself why you started, draw a line and get right back to it. 

7.    You find diet friends in surprising places

Whether it’s exchanging a knowing look as you both check the nutritional details on the back of salads in the lunch-to-go aisle, or a friendly smile from someone else who’s also new at the gym, you’ll find surprise supporters in your weight loss journey all around you. And you’ll be their cheerleader too!

8.    Small milestones will help you on your way

If you have a lot of weight to lose it can feel overwhelming, so why not set smaller milestones to work towards first? Aim to drop just one dress size at first or to lose one pound a week. You may find that working towards these little wins is easier than trying to hit a huge long-term goal, and will spur you onwards until one day, that huge goal won’t be long-term at all.

9.    It’s important to hydrate

Staying hydrated can help you feel healthier and aid your weight loss too. Often we confuse thirst for hunger, so reach for several glasses of water throughout the day to keep hunger and dehydration at bay.

10. Non-scale victories are important too

Going down a dress size, walking up an extra flight of stairs, or saying no to Friday night fish and chips. When you’re dieting, victories like these are often more important than the number on your scales, so take time to celebrate and enjoy them. You’re doing great!

Does the list above sound familiar? Is there anything you think we missed off the list? If you’re on a weight loss journey why not take our fun weight loss quiz to find out which type of dieter you are – and check out our weight management range to find plenty of products that can help you reach your goals, including the Celebrity Slim programme.

Before you start a diet, don’t forget to consult your GP.