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05 May 2016

10 Things Every Hayfever Sufferer Will Understand

While the rest of the country is celebrating the (somewhat delayed) arrival of spring with open arms, many hayfever sufferers are hiding away behind closed doors and windows, armed with tissues, nasal sprays, eye drops and antihistamines galore.

Springtime can certainly be miserable for anyone affected by hayfever, and here are ten things that every hayfever sufferer will understand this season…

1.    Sneezing. And sneezing, and sneezing, and…

hayfever sneezing

Once the sneezing starts, it feels like it’s never going to stop. But even worse than the sneezing is the runny nose that so often accompanies it. It’s like a tap that we’d give anything to turn off!

2.    Itching. And itching, and itching, and…

From your eyes to your nose, or even your whole head, the symptoms of hayfever  often include relentless itching. Oh, and bright red and streaming eyes too. Nice.

3.    Having a bag full of tissues and hayfever tablets at all times

hayfever quotes

Your hayfever is the enemy, and a handbag or rucksack full of tissues and hayfever tablets, drops and sprays is your best weapon. You’ve tried every hayfever relief product under the sun, and you’re stocked up on your favourites at all times.

4.    …and you make no apologies for using them

Gone are the days when you apologised for blowing your nose loudly in the office, or using a nasal spray in front of company. Your need to keep your hayfever symptoms at bay trumps any shame you might feel!

5.    Your sunglasses become your best friend


Not only do sunglasses hide your red, runny eyes (and ruined mascara), but they help to guard against more pollen getting into your eyes too. And when it comes to preventing your hayfever symptoms, you’ll try absolutely anything – even wearing them indoors.

6.    Flowers are beautiful – beautiful bringers of misery, that is

As much as you adore the beauty of flowers, unfortunately, they don’t adore you. A field full of flowers, or even your neighbour’s flowerbed, spells nothing but misery for you in the springtime, and if anyone gives you flowers they have to stay safely outside!

7.    Seaside trips are in, picnics and country walks are out

Where sunny day road trips are concerned, you’re always the first one to suggest a trip to the nearest beach – because the salty sea breeze provides you with precious respite from your hayfever symptoms. If anyone suggests taking a walk in the countryside or a picnic in the park, you want to hit them with a baguette.

8.    Applying make-up becomes almost pointless – or even painful

Mascara? No chance! Eyeliner? Not on your nelly! Hayfever sufferers know the struggle of trying and failing to apply eye make-up to red and streaming eyes, or the pain that it can cause when your eyes are already sore. Remember what we said earlier about sunglasses becoming your best friend?

9.    “Don’t pass your cold on to me!”


Inevitably your hayfever symptoms get mistaken for a cold by innocent bystanders. Luckily for them (and for you), they can’t catch anything should you sneeze on them – but sometimes you think it’s worth a try.

10.  You know exactly when, and where, your hayfever will be triggered

One of the most frustrating things of all about hayfever is that it affects everyone differently, so figuring out which type of pollen affects you, and when it’s at its worst, is a process of elimination. Once you’ve done that, you avoid it like your life (and sanity) depends on it.

Coping with the symptoms of hayfever certainly means having a good dose of a sense of humour, but with the range of hayfever and allergy relief products from Rowlands Pharmacy including hayfever tablets, nasal decongestant sprays and hayfever relief eye drops, you don’t have to just laugh it off. Arm yourself with hayfever products now – before the worst of your symptoms strike!