Baby Feeding Accessories

Feeding time can be a challenge for new and experienced parents alike, which is why we sell baby feeding accessories designed to make things simpler.

Here you'll find bottle teats in a range of shapes and sizes to give you more control over the flow of formula milk and expressed breast milk. Babies often feed at different speeds and these teats, which are designed to feel and look lifelike, can help you and your baby find the right flow for you. The swallowing of air bubbles is thought to contribute to colic, so why not give Avent medium flow bottle teats a try? These special bottle teats produce a gentle whistling sound as air bubbles rise to the surface of the milk to be released rather than travelling into baby's tummy.

Also in this range you'll find sterilising fluid, one of those everyday baby essentials that helps you keep the kit you need fresh, clean and ready for action. As one of our most popular baby care products, our baby bottle sterilising fluid is available for order as part of our subscription service, allowing you to select regular deliveries at intervals set by you.

Once you've added your picks of our baby feeding accessories to your basket, don't forget to explore our baby milk and baby and toddler food ranges to ensure you've got everything you need for your baby's next feed. Once you've chosen everything you need, enjoy the convenience of getting it all delivered to your door, with free delivery on orders over £30.

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