Travel Sickness


Feeling sick or vomiting when you are travelling is usually caused by the up and down movement of the vehicle. It does not affect everybody and does not happen to the sufferer in all types of vehicles.

Our Advice
  • Ask the pharmacist to help choose a remedy that will last the whole length of the journey.
  • All the remedies for travel sickness can cause drowsiness and can affect driving. Ask your pharmacist which is the best for drivers.
  • Be prepared and have sick bags to hand even if you have taken an anti-sickness tablet.
  • Read how to take the tablets. Many products need to be taken well before the journey starts
  • Try to keep children occupied with in-car games and avoid reading.
  • If you are looking out of the window, try to focus on distant objects that remain steady.
  • Do not eat large meals and fizzy drinks before travelling and make sure there is plenty of fresh air.
  • If your symptoms cannot be controlled ask our pharmacist for advice.
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