Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, are varicose veins in or around the anus. They are very common.

If you are worried about your piles or they have lasted a few weeks, ask our pharmacist for advice.

Our Advice
  • Ask to see your pharmacist who will choose a suitable product for you.
  • Increase your fibre intake. Fibre is found in fruit and vegetables and wholemeal bread.
  • Increase your fluid intake - not tea, coffee, cola or alcohol.
  • Take regular exercise.
  • Do not strain when you go to the toilet - relax!
  • Wipe your bottom with soft toilet paper after you have been to the toilet, and if possible, wash with warm soapy water. Keep moist toilet tissues to hand for use when you are out.
  • Wash the area morning and night before using your treatment.
  • Use the treatment morning and night and after emptying your bowels.
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