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Diarrhoea is when bowel habits become far more frequent and involves stools being watery and unformed. It is often accompanied with griping pains.

Our Advice
  • The diarrhoea will stop in 2 to 3 days without treatment. Please talk to our pharmacist if this persists
  • The products that your pharmacist can recommend will stop the diarrhoea sooner than without treatment.
  • Replace the fluids lost during short and long periods of diarrhoea especially in children under 12 and the elderly.
  • With acute diarrhoea take a 24-hour break from all food and drink except for water and soft drinks.
  • Avoid milk but do continue to breast-feed.
  • Take rehydration sachets to help balance your body fluids. For babies and young children boil and cool the water before making up the sachets.
  • If you need more help, ask our pharmacist for advice.