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Nappy Rash


Nappy rash is a dermatitis which is found in the nappy area. It is common in infancy. It may become infected by a bacteria or fungus. It is common for babies to have nappy rash when they are teething.

Our Advice
  • Change the nappy frequently, as soon after soiling as possible.
  • If possible, leave the nappy off to allow air to the skin.
  • Avoid waterproof pants as they keep the skin wet.
  • Rinse detergents thoroughly from terry nappies.
  • Wash the nappy area with warm water and then dry thoroughly with a soft towel. Do not rub too hard.
  • Apply nappy rash creams regularly, after baths and at each nappy change.
  • Barrier creams should be used to prevent nappy rash even if there is no nappy rash present.
  • If you see white patches in the nappy rash area, this may be a fungal infection and can be treated.