Mouth Ulcers

Mouth Ulcers can be very painful and occur anywhere inside the mouth, on thetongue, gums or on the inside of the cheeks.  They are usually caused by a physical accident e.g. bitting the inside of the cheek, incorrect fitting dentures or maybe due to poor diet or stress.

Our Advice

We advise:

  • Avoid spicy, acidic or salty foods as these can make the pain worse. Avoid hot drinks as these can make the symptoms worse
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Try and relax, reduce your stress levels and take regular exercise
  • Ensure good dental health and hygeine.
  • Use a good quality toothbrush and take care not to damage your teeth and gums
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash to prevent infection
  • Visit your dentist every 6 months and more regular if your ulcers are due to dental problems.
  • If you smoke try to quit.

If you have a mouth ulcer for longer than 10 days, see your pharmacist.

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