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Thrush is a common yeast infection of the vagina which causes a thick, white discharge.

If you are worried about a vaginal problem, ask our pharmacist for advice.

Our Advice
  • Thrush is common, particularly in women. Do not be embarrassed.
  • Always wipe your bottom from front to back after going to the toilet.
  • Wash the area morning and night, followed by an application of cream. Do not over wash as you may wash away your natural protective layer.
  • Wash with a simple soap, avoid strongly perfumed bath additives.
  • A salt bath can be cooling if you have thrush.
  • Do not use antiseptic cleansers on the area.
  • Wear cotton underwear and stockings rather than tights. Wear cool loose fitting clothes.
  • External creams need to be applied for seven days after the symptoms of thrush have cleared up to stop the thrush from coming back.